Invest in China’s IT Market, the Fourth Largest in the World

NameThe IT industry in China is a significant motivation for economic evolution in these modern times, and has seriously encouraged viable growth, changing mankind’s way of living. There are many investment opportunities in China’s IT industry, with new potential revolutions in data technology, so many foreign investors properly analyze the market. Our Chinese lawyers can provide you with information, statistics on request, and legal assistance, if you wish to make investments in the world’s most developed industry.

Short review about China’s advanced IT sector

China’s five year plan (2016-2020) includes major changes and developments in the IT industry, forecasting a 15% annual growth in this sector. Nowadays, there are more than 500 million internet users in the country and about one billion mobile phone and social media consumers. And speaking of numbers, China has invested more than EUR 104 billion in the past few years in the IT sector, transforming this field into the world’s fourth leading market.
Market-driven methods, autonomous innovations, compatible technologies, integrated and complete applications are only a few important projects that have known significant progress this year, and are continuing to bring attention to interested foreign investors worldwide. Our lawyer in China is well prepared in this important domain and can offer guidance and assistance for all foreign investors who wish to have businesses in the IT sector.

Future plans in the China’s IT market

Bigger determinations needs to be made to improve essential IT areas like key modules and materials, microelectronics, software, computer, as well as parts involved in the international competitiveness, containing broadband mobile communication, information services, next-generation network. Constant enhancement needs to be made in strategies controlling the expansion of IT industry, with a perspective of transforming China into a country with a powerful IT sector by 2020.
Foreign investors are already taking into consideration even the small openings where they can influence and transform the technological proficiency. They are also thinking of new possibilities to adjust solutions to the exclusive local market needs and requirements.
If you are interested in making investments on China’s developed IT industry, or if you need assistance, you can contact our law firm in China.