China Ratifies an International Agreement on Climate Change

NameAfter many negotiations, before the G20 summit this year, China and the US have announced that they will ratify the Paris Climate Agreement. This is an important step forward regarding the reduction of global gas emissions, a matter that concerned everyone in the last decade. A low carbon future is an important project for both countries, after many economic and trade disagreements that took place, and having this important agreement might be a chance to improve the environment.
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Reducing the pollution, a worldwide discussed problem

The arrangement between China and the US implies the necessary methods to reduce the pollution that leads to global warming. These goals have also attracted other countries’ attention and it is necessary to imply 55 countries, representing 55% of the world’s gas emissions, in order to ratify the Paris agreement. Nowadays, about 200 states have signed the agreement, while 30 of them have authorized it. This was an important step to eliminate taxes for renewable energy resources, or the green energy as it is known, and to stop future oil contracts. China and the US have agreed that CO2 emissions are leading to severe climate changes, strong reasons why a significant international agreement had to be imposed.
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The major implications of the international agreement on climate change

China and the US have turned this important environment project into reality, and other G20 participant countries have approved it, reminding that many challenges are still to come. Being a major world economy and dealing with significant industries, China is willing to stand up and offer new technology and visions to improve and transform the environment. Many foreign investors are taking this agreement as a serious issue that can bring up future plans and significant deals regarding climate changes.
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