Top Foreign Direct Investments in China at the Beginning of 2016

Top-Foreign-Direct-Investments-in-China-at-the-Beginning-of-2016.jpgHong Kong, Macao, and Singapore were the top three foreign direct investment sources for the Chinese Mainland during January and April this year. Other countries also have important investment projects underway during the first half of 2016.


Top ten investment sources in the first months of 2016

The total value of foreign direct investments in Mainland China reached a value of 286.79 billion Yuan between January and April this year, a growth of 4.8 percent compared to the same time last year. The data was released by the Chinese Ministry of Commerce, together with the total value of investments from the top ten foreign investors.
The top ten foreign direct investment sources are:
- Hong Kong: 28.45 billion $,
- Macao: 2.93 billion $,
- Singapore: 2.14 billion $,
- The United States: 2.06 billion $,
- South Korea: 2.02 billion $,
- Japan: 1.36 billion $,
- Taiwan: 1.3 billion $,
- The United Kingdom: 940 million $,
- Germany: 940 million $,
Luxembourg: with an investment of 710 million $.

A rise in foreign direct investments in China

Foreign direct investments continued to rise in China for the fourth consecutive month. The Ministry of Commerce released the data available about the amount of foreign investments for all business sectors, excluding the financial sector. The largest percentage of investments for the analyzed period was in the service sector, which received 70.2 percent of all the total investment inflow. The high-tech service industry was another sector that recorded a very impressive growth during the first months of 2016.
In April, foreign direct investment grew by 6 percent on a year-on-year basis. A large portion of the foreign investment inflow is due to the projects related to the One Belt, One Road initiative.
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