China to Boost Development of Green Industries

China-to-Boost-Development-of-Green-Industries.jpgChinese government is interested in enforcing major changes which aim to promote green industries and thus, green consumption. The state has recently invested in several projects which are based on green energies; an important policy in this sense imposed several green objectives which will have to be completed by the Chinese state by 2020. 
Foreign investors interested in opening a company in China are advised to invest in eco-friendly industries, as the local market provides many opportunities in this sense. Our Chinese law firm can offer you an in-depth presentation on the green energy industry and financial opportunities that may arise from here. 

Chinese green policies 

Ten Chinese ministers have recently issued a document which states that China will enforce green consumption by 2020, as an effect of the current situation, which has affected the local environment due to a very rapid economic development
The information provided by the National Development and Reform Commission stated that green energy vehicles will be used at a national level by 2020. 
Another aspect on which the local authorities will focus on in order to improve green consumption is the promotion of products that are energy efficient; it is expected that by 2020, the share of energy-savings products to represent 50% of the total market.
The Chinese authorities have also declared that they will promote green industry by offering incentives that will aim at green consumption; our Chinese lawyers can provide you with further information on this matter. 


Green finance in China 

Financing in China takes into account the green industry, in the sense that financial institutions consider environmental factors when providing a credit to a company. As a consequence of a green governmental policy, Chinese banks are required to perform environmental assessments when offering a credit to a company, under the Green Credit Guidelines
If you need further information on the green industries in China, please contact our Chinese attorneys, who can offer you assistance on the local green economy