China, the World’s Second Largest Market for Tech Start-Ups

China-the-Worlds-Second-Largest-Market-for-Tech-Start-Ups.jpgForeign investors interested in the business market available in China should know that the state offers significant opportunities in various industries. One of the most representative fields in China is the tech start-ups market, which has made significant improvements. Businessmen who want to establish a company in China can receive assistance on this matter from our team of Chinese lawyers, who can offer more information on the tech start-ups environment

Tech start-ups in China 

At the moment, Beijing represents the second largest market in the world in terms of tech start-ups with a high value. 
According to the Zhongguancun Unicorn List, Beijing is the home of 40 tech start-ups companies with a value over $1 billion; this type of tech start-up is also referred as unicorn company. Three of these companies have a value of more than $10 billion; our Chinese lawyers can provide further information on the unicorn companies
The highest valued tech start-ups companies have operations in the following domains: 
smartphone production – the start-up company has a value of $46 billion;
group-buying company in the field mobile internet – the business has a total value of $18 billion;
mobile transportation app company – valued at $16.5 billion. 

Beijing, the center of tech start-ups 

Entrepreneurs interested in opening a company in the field of technology should take into consideration Beijing as the domicile of the business, as the city is the center of internet and technology companies
Talented persons are recruited to work in this field from prestigious universities and institutes, which educate young persons in accordance with the needs of the market. 
It is estimated that in the near future, tech start-ups will begin their business activities in the field of mobile health and cloud services. 
Most of the tech companies operate at the moment in the following domains: 
internet finance;
consumer electronics;
If you need further information on the tech companies in China, please contact our Chinese law firm for more details.