Over $4.5 Billions Invested in the Chinese Mobile Internet Startups in 2015

Over-$4.5-Billions-Invested-in-the-Chinese-Mobile-Internet-Startups-in-2015.jpgForeign investors interested in opening a business in China should know that the Chinese market offers very attractive investment opportunities in the mobile internet industry. At the level of 2015, startups with operations in the field of mobile internet benefited of investments with a total value of $4.5 billions. The level of investments increased in 2015 by 69.4%, compared to the previous year. Entrepreneurs who are interested in the business opportunities available on the Chinese market can receive an in-depth presentation upon this matter from our law firm in China

Mobile internet investments in China 

The mobile internet market in China was sustained in 2015 by venture capital and equity funds investments. The data on the mobile internet investment shows that out of the 479 investments operated last year, 338 were destined to companies which are in the early stages of development. The largest investment had a value of $600 millions; if you need more details on the investments available for mobile internet startups in this country, our Chinese lawyers can provide you with further information. 

Mobile internet market in China 

Investors interested in opening a company in the field of mobile internet services should know that the Chinese market presents an important development in this sense. As such, the value of the mobile internet services increased at a high pace in the period of 2010-2015. If in 2010 the total market size for mobile internet service was of 63.7 billion yuan, in 2015, the market reached a total value of 642.1 billion yuan. 
The mobile internet market in China is a very attractive business field, as the domain developed very fast, with very important increases observed in 2012. In 2007, the mobile internet market had a total value of 8.44 billion yuan; in 2012, the market size reached a value of 55.2 billion yuan. 
At the level of 2015, the mobile internet  had a value increased up to 377.6 billion yuan and the projections for 2016 are showing that the market will further develop, accounting for 596.6 billion yuan. 
The forecast for the 2016 is showing a projected value of 862.2 billion yuan. Forecasts for 2018 are projecting that the mobile internet market will still grow, having a total value of 1,146.6 billion yuan. 
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