China, an Important Player in Trade in the Asia-Pacific Region

China-an-Important-Player-in-Trade-in-the-Asia-Pacific-Region.jpgThe World Federation of Exchanges (WFE) has recently released a report on the trading activities in the Asia-Pacific region; according to the report, China was the main player in this field. Foreign investors interested in opening a company in the trading field in this region are advised to expand their business activities, as the trading market is offering very good prospects. Our law firm in China can provide you with relevant information on the trading industry developments. 

Asia- Pacific trading market  

According to the data presented by the WFE, the trading volumes increased in 2015 by 55% in the Asia- Pacific region, while the total value of share trading increased by 41% accounting for $114 trillion, compared to the  total value of $81 trillion in 2014. 
Asia-Pacific region experienced an increase of 10% in terms of market capitalization. The total value of share trading in the region was of $54 trillion in 2015. Asia–Pacific trading market had a value of $23.7 billion; the increase is significant compared to the previous year, as the trading volumes in 2014 were situated at the value of $15.4 billion. 
The study presented by WFE is showing that the Asian- Pacific region had the most competitive results in the trading area, becoming the most important region in the world in terms of trading value and trading volumes. If you are interested in the trading market in China, our Chinese lawyers can provide you with a detailed presentation on this subject. 

Chinese trading market  

Foreign investors interested in the opening a company here should know that China is one of the most representative economies in terms of trading growth. In the first half of 2015, Chinese retail investments had a positive effect on the global trading volumes, which have increased by 36%. 
The rapid growth on the trading market in China was a result of retail investments and strong market performance. In the first half of the previous year, the Shanghai stock exchange reported a value of trading which has increased by 741% compared with 2014. 
If you need further information on the trading market in China and in Asia- Pacific region, please contact our Chinese law firm for assistance on this matter.