Permanent Residence Permits Obtained Easier

Permanent-Residence-Permits-Obtained-Easier.jpgChinese officials have agreed upon an easier application procedure for foreigners who want to obtain permanent residence permits. This was agreed upon in order to attract more talented workforce from other countries. China is already working on a very open foreign investment policy, as the President stated during his recent travel to the United States. Foreign investments are a valuable part of the economy and a more transparent and straightforward legislation is likely to rise the interest in what the country has to offer to entrepreneurs.

Simplified application procedures

The requirements for application for obtaining permanent residence permits will be optimized. What this means is that most likely the procedure will be more transparent and less bureaucratic. The application procedure will be transformed so that it will be more efficient. 
The applications for obtaining permanent residence permits submitted by foreigners will be managed in a more reasonable, open and pragmatic manner, according to a recently released guideline for this procedure. There are several conditions that the applicants must meet, including having obtained professional titles of associate professor or above or associate fellow or above. Another conditions is that the applicants must have lived in China for more than four years.
Foreign employees working in certain business sectors can already apply for residence permits. The type of companies in China that allow foreign employee applications for permanent residency are: national laboratories, engineering research centers, technology centers, belonging to state-accredited hi-tech companies, R&D centers with foreign founding.

The permanent residency permit in China

The permanent residency permit is the D-type visa for China. It allows the holder to reside in the country permanently but does not grant Chinese citizenship neither does it replace a Chinese passport. Holders of these types of visas can enjoy the same benefits as locals, for employment, investment, housing and social insurance.
The type-D visa has a lifelong validity period and holders can also work in China is awarded this visa. To make an application, individuals must qualify as investors, professionals, outstanding contributors or family: minors or married to a Chinese citizen
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