President Jinping: Attracting Foreign Investment is our Long-Term Policy

President-Jinping-Attracting-Foreign-Investment-is-our-Long-Term-Policy.jpgPresident Xi Jiniping has recently declared that China will continue to maintain a pro-foreign investments policy.  This is great news for current and future foreign investors in China who will benefit from this long-term policy instituted by the president. Our lawyers in China can help you understand the applicable laws for investments in China if you are looking towards opening a company.

Why change a good thing?

In a recently published interview, president Xi Jiniping said that China’s long-term policy for foreign investments will not change. He also guaranteed that the lawful rights and interests of foreign companies in China will remain protected. Also, the country official guarantees that China is committed to providing better services in favor of foreign companies.
Foreign investments have brought a lot of good to China, including capital, managerial expertise, new, advanced technologies and professional and talented workforce. All this has played a significant role in China’s economic development.

The international business practice

After being admitted into the World Trade Organization (WTO) in 2001 China has maintained a non-discriminatory policy towards investors. All companies are treated the same way in the country and cooperation is encouraged. China respects all of the applicable international business practices and has fulfilled all commitments derived from its membership within the WTO.
China has recently started to made changes that will allow it to become even more investor friendly. During the past years, the country has made a few changes to facilitate investments, has cancelled certain restrictive items and adopted a better management model. The goal is to provide access to a more efficient administration and allow foreign investors to benefit from open and transparent laws and policies.
China remains the world’s most attractive destination for foreign investments, according to surveys performed by UN Conference Trade and Development and other international bodies. During the first half of the year, foreign investments in China had reached a total of approximately 85.3 billion dollars, with nearly nine percent more than the same time last year.
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