Environmental Taxes for Pollutant Companies in China


The Environmental tax entered into force at the beginning of this year and it is directed to pollutant companies in China. Such measure was strongly sustained by the Chinese authorities who are now collecting the fees for enterprises which are seen as major pollutants in this country. The business environment in China continues to develop despite the fees imposed, and foreign investors can set up their operations in any important industry. Our lawyers in China can provide investors the necessary support for registration and business formation, in compliance with the applicable legislation.

Corporate Fees in China to be Reduced in order to Develop the Economy


After several debates and overviews of the Chinese economy, a conclusion was made in this sense by the government. This aims to enhance the real economy by reducing the corporate fees and all sorts of taxes. This sum up approximately USD 48 billion and the Chinese State Council expects this to be a solid and a fruitful measure for future improvements. Foreigners can benefit in this sense by low corporate fees, but before making any investment, we suggest you get in touch with our team of lawyers in China for legal advice.

Chinese Authorities Ask for International Cooperation to Improve the Efficiency of the Power Grid


In the past few years, China provided complete interest on innovative technologies and all sorts of ways to promote a smart living. In this category, the industry plays a major role and continues to improve on a daily basis. At this time, the authorities focus on the efficiency of the power grid and ask for international support. Investments are always welcomed in China and details about the applicable legislation can be offered by our lawyers in China.

China's Consumer Price Index Grew Above Expectations in February 2018


According to recent statistics and information, China’s consumer price index (CPI) grew by 1.5% in February compared to January 2018. The growth was above expectations in China and the experts in economy consider that this is only a stage, a very important one, in the overall developments predicted for this year. A business person can set up companies in China and benefit from varied incentives and a stable business environment. The legal aspects in this direction can be explained by our lawyers in China.

The Contribution of the Industrial Internet in China's Economy


Among the development plans in China’s main sectors, the industrial internet plays a major role, as the government intends to strengthen the manufacturing and face the competitive market. Solid investments are expected by 2035 in the IT and related sectors to sustain the artificial intelligence and the methods of implementation. If you are a foreign investor who wants to enter the Chinese market with varied activities, it is best to understand the legal aspects involved, a matter where our lawyers in China can help.

China to Develop the Digital Economy at a Global Level


According to recent studies in China, the international economic development can be successfully boosted by the digital economy if countries will collaborate in this direction. Known as a major global player on the market and seen as a powerful business hub, China is at disposal of any state interested in achieving sustainable results with the help of the IT strategies and policies. Foreign investors benefit from an advantageous business climate in China, but if you want to know more about the legislation on foreign investments in this country, you can talk to one of our Chinese lawyers.

China to Become the World's Largest Importer


If at the moment, the largest importer for countries worldwide is, according to statistics, the USA, a force on an international plan, the things are about to change, as China is expected to switch places. With a solid background in this direction, China is already considered a significant party in the overall trading field. Foreigners who want to invest in China’s stable business sector can talk about legislation matters with our Chinese lawyers.

How the Environmental Protection Tax Will Affect Companies in China


Fighting pollution has always been a top priority for China, and all the measure taken so far have not discouraged the business climate and the investors from abroad. Even if the authorities have decided for an environmental protection tax imposed on existing companies in China, this is not going the affect the overall activities in the country. The main purpose is to lower the level of pollution with all kinds of innovative solutions. All investors can enter the Chinese market and set up companies, as the legislation in this sense is favorable. If you need legal counseling in company issues in China, we suggest you talk to one of our Chinese lawyers.

Digital Economy to Develop in China in 2018


China’s infrastructure will meet new levels, as there are so many things to develop with the help of the latest technology. For example, the 5G network will be implemented not only in the main cities and provinces in China but also in the rural area, as a significant part of the “Broadband China” project. Investments from abroad are expected in such important field, and the legislation related is not only permissive but also encouraging. When opening a business in China, it is suggested to ask our Chinese lawyers about all the legal aspects.

Cybersecurity Improvements to be Developed in China


Cyber crimes are registered on a daily basis and even at a second in each country. Due to a fast development of the technology and the internet in most industries in the last decades, the frauds have also met significant and worrying growths. In this matter, the Chinese authorities have decided to put the accent as much as possible on cybersecurity in the years to come. Protecting the private data of persons on the internet is the most important thing to focus on, especially with the new rules and regulations adopted this year. The legal aspects of how the personal data is protected in China or information about how you can set up a business in this country can be obtained from our Chinese lawyers.

Pollution Reduction in China: How Companies Deal with the Problem?

It is a well-known fact that China is a country which fights continuously against pollution. The Chinese authorities have always focused on how this environmental problem can be diminished and took several measures to improve the life of citizens. China is known as the world leading country in manufacturing, where big international companies have activities and a skilled workforce to count on. Investors are welcomed in China and can be guided for a better introduction on the market by registering companies with the help of our Chinese lawyers.

Fintech Partnership Between China and Australia


The financial technology or fintech as it is known, is nowadays on top priorities of companies who want to develop all kinds of facilities for customers activating in the financial sector. On this subject, China’s regulators had several debates and meetings with the ones in Australia and established important agreements in this matter. Most of the investments in China are directed in the country’s tech sectors, and investors should consider the advantages and the profits in this area. In legislation issues, our lawyers in China can provide support and legal advice on request.

E-Commerce Businesses to be Helped by Robots in China

In matters of engineering and top technology, China is a well-known country which develops daily and offers numerous products and services which serve to life improvement worldwide. This time, the attention is directed to the ways in which the industrial robots can be used in varied warehouse issues in China. As it is known, investors are open for business on the Chinese market, and if you are interested in this matter, we suggest you obtain information about the legislation on foreign investments from our lawyers in China.

China's Farmland Quality to be Improved by 2020


The land quality in China has caught the attention of the authorities who have decided to improve the quality of the arable land area in the country. There have been particular decisions made in this field and one of them is to avert the unnecessary abuse of groundwater and develop the irrigation system. Even if numerous foreign investments have been made in the Chinese agriculture, there is always an open door for entrepreneurs from abroad who want to successfully bet in this important part of the economy in China. The legislation related to the investments in China can be properly explained by our lawyers in China.

A New Record for China's Game Industry


Without a doubt, China is a leader in mobile technology, a very important sector where numerous investments have been made. With about $14,5 billion profits registered in the first half of 2017, China continues this positive trend until the end of the year and furthermore. Businessmen interested in making investments in China’s main industry, including the mobile tech sector, are invited to ask for complete legal assistance from our Chinese lawyers.

Investments in China's Railway System Will Hit New Records


Considering the high potential offered by a suitable infrastructure as part of business plans in significant sectors, China proposed to focus on the railway investments, which so far seem to be a very good plan, according to the numbers. For example, the railway investments in China sum up around $ 45 million only for the first six months of this year. With strong plans ahead in this area, China is expected to conclude the year with even more foreign investments in the infrastructure, especially in the railway sector.

China to Become More Attractive for Foreign Investors


China has always been an attractive country for foreign investors, with an accessible market and legislation among many others. The same trend continues as the country is trying to improve the business environment with varied incentives like a free movement of profits of companies with establishments in China. For a proper understanding of the legislation related to foreign investments and the way of doing business in China, it is best to ask for legal support and advice from our Chinese lawyers.

IMF: China, the First Economic Superpower in the World


According to the latest figures of the IMF, China has become the first superpower in the world, putting the USA in second place for the first time in 142 years. This is due to the transformation of the Chinese economy into a manufacturing and exporting hub over the last decades. China has witnessed a major economic growth, averaging 10% annually. The Chinese economy is worth 17.6 trillion dollars, while the American one reaches 17.4 trillion dollars. Our lawyers in China can tell you more about the legislation concerning investments in the local economy.

Chinese Economy Recorded a Major Growth in Q1 2017


In the first quarter of 2017, the Chinese economy grew by 6.9% due to credit increase and property sales. The major industry investments and the start of long-term construction projects are the reasons why the Chinese economy recorded a major growth in Q1 2017. China`s economy witnessed its strongest quarterly performance in the last 18 months, slightly higher than the analysts' expectations. Comprehensive legal advice regarding foreign investments in the local economy can be given to you by our lawyers in China.

The China's Producer Price Index Registered a 5.5% Growth in June 2017

The PPI (Producer Price Index) in China measures the prices of the goods right before they are commercialized on the market. This important index rose by 5.5% in June 2017 compared to the same month in the previous year, according to statistics in China’s economy. Given the numbers, foreign entrepreneurs can analyze the market and establish their businesses while gaining numerous advantages, such as tax benefits. The legislation related to the foreign investments in China can be explained by our lawyers in China who can also offer legal assistance when opening a company in the country.

China and Germany to Develop Strategic Collaboration in the Auto Sector


The collaboration between China and Germany in the automotive industry meets new levels, as the countries want to focus on new models of electric cars made by a Chinese company which at the beginning started with only 16 employees. As many investment opportunities arise in China in varied areas, foreign businessmen are invited to test the market, including the automotive industry which aligns with the present technology. Our lawyers in China are able to offer legal advice for interested entrepreneurs who want to make investments in the country.

China Investment Corporation to Support Innovative Industries

Nanotechnology, smart cities, digital economy, cloud computing or artificial intelligence are a few of the most important fields of the innovative industries of China where investments are always welcomed. The China Investment Corporation is concentrated on supporting this important sector because the tech sector needs to fulfill the requirements of consumers in the country and also worldwide. For a better understanding of the legislation regarding the foreign investments in China, we recommend you ask for legal support and advice from our Chinese lawyers.

China and Russia to Boost Economic Relations in 2017


The economic relations between China and Russia have solid backgrounds and are reinforced each year, where diversification plays an important role in key sectors. Before the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) summit which will be held in China this year, two of the major countries have announced their intentions of boosting the economic ties, as numerous projects will be put on a debate.

Moody's: China’s Economic Growth Maintained a High Level in 2016


China is enjoying the economic stability it gained since the beginning of 2016. According to Moody’sChina will properly end this year because the government continued to offer suitable fiscal and monetary stimulation in many important industries in the country.

China and UK Agreed on a Financial and Economic Plan

China and the United Kingdom have always cooperated in different areas of interests, dealing with many interesting economic plans. The collaboration is still fruitful and investment opportunities are arising with the new business plan which implies the London-Shanghai Stock Connect. On the other hand, it is good to know that our Chinese lawyers can offer details about the legal services available for you or for your company in China.